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for DuPage County Board
District 3



It has been said that the service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

I am not a career politician but someone who genuinely cares about people. My experience as a professional meeting planner with diverse clients has provided the essential tools to navigate the intricacies of public service. I have successfully managed budgets, analytic problem solving, and negotiations. At every level, my experiences are fused with a genuine commitment to strong leadership and collaboration which are of great importance to the future vitality of our communities.
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DuPage County provides services to its residents by responsibly managing its tax receipts. As a
County Board Member for District 3, Rosemary is committed to serving as a steward for our

taxpayer dollars. She will be an ethical leader demanding transparency and accountability for spending. She understands that a balanced budget and a good credit rating are priorities.


DuPage County continues to be extremely well positioned for business. We have a great workforce, excellent natural resources, and transportation infrastructure that businesses recognize to help build a strong base for their operations. While many sectors continue to recover from the pandemic, at the County Board, Rosemary will join forces with our development partners to support and build our businesses. She will always work to support small and mid-sized businesses that are the lifeblood of our local communities. These businesses may need assistance with developing their workforce, connecting with training programs, learning about grant opportunities, and interacting with collaborative organizations. Rosemary's work with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce gives her insight as to how organizations can capture the resources, we have across DuPage County.


DuPage County is responsible for serving residents with a wide variety of needs and requirements. It is the role of County Board members to oversee these services. Rosemary will focus on how we best serve our residents. DuPage County government, directly and indirectly, serves property owners, veterans, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, families that need health services, and every other resident in our county. For example, the DuPage County Health Department is at the forefront of serving healthcare needs, whether it's pandemic testing, vaccinations, information, opioid abuse prevention, and treatment, providing care during a behavioral health crisis, or providing dental services for a low-income family. Also, DuPage County's Senior Services Programs are designed to assist our senior citizens. Meals on Wheels and similar programs lessen the risks for one of our most vulnerable populations. County services are vital to our continued stability and growth. As a County Board member, Rosemary will protect these vital programs that serve our residents.


Residents and businesses recognize that sustainable practices are important on many levels. Saving our planet, saving money on our utility costs, and saving repair costs from unnecessary flooding are win, win, solutions. Sensible investments when we have opportunities to choose green technologies and sustainable practices protect DuPage for the long term. Rosemary is committed to supporting DuPage County's modern approaches to building and development that are cost-effective for taxpayers and to informing and assisting residents and businesses as they improve their sustainability practices.


DuPage County is fortunate to be a safe area to live and work, though we know no place is immune from crime. Rosemary will join with County Board members to ensure that we fund law enforcement. She recognizes the importance of having safe communities throughout DuPage. Rosemary will work with County Board members on mental health and other programs that support residents in need or in crisis. Her work as a District 3 Board member will help lower- income families, persons in abusive domestic situations, senior citizens, and other residents to use existing services to keep them safe and prevent crime.


DuPage County is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our communities reflect the changing demographics of America. The DuPage County Board and DuPage business leaders have made diversity and inclusion top priorities as part of their strategic plans. As a Black woman who has often been the only person of color in a room, Rosemary recognizes the value in these efforts. The best organizations and communities are those where all people feel a strong sense of belonging. The feeling of belonging allows relationships to form more easily and improve the quality of life for everyone. Rosemary recently saw the benefits of community when her neighborhood was struck by a tornado. While her home suffered minimal damage, the community rallied to help those who suffered more severe damage. DuPage County is full of good people who help others. As a District 3 County Board member, Rosemary will work with business leaders and others who are fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. This will improve economic opportunities and innovation in DuPage.

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